• REDEFINE  goals for each area of your life &  think outside the ordinary? 

  • CONNECT with your own truth and challenge the status-quo?

  • REWIRE your brain to enhance and rewrite the story of your future?

  • DESIGN a life of no regrets fueled by passion, purpose and curiousity?

  • COLLABORATE with other high-achievers to explore new possibilities?

  • DEFINE a legacy that is impactful and may serve generations ahead?


Life is all about changing and growing ....


If we already knew our entire life path, well, what's the fun in that?!


If you are tired of living out the script of someone else's dream or are content with what you've achieved in the first 40+ years, but now yearning to explore new possibilities that align more closely with your authenticity and your real aspirations to live a LIFE OF IMPACT AND MEANING,

I have designed a  life-changing program.


Using scientifically proven methods that help high achievers pause, realign and recalibrate, you will learn the skills and the tools needed to look at your years ahead as a gift of open space.  Together, we will dig deep into every area of your life, explore creative ways to live out your truth and design a life of challenge, opportunity, choice and flexibility.

    How Will You Maximize Your 40s & Beyond?

     Transitioning into your 40s and beyond symbolizes a significant transition in life phases.

    It can be exciting, scary, nerve wrecking and make you evaluate what really is left for you.


    What about pausing to really design that life you've always dreamed of

    but unsure of how to achieve or doubt if truly possible for you?


    Ask yourself:


    Do you love the life you have created?


    Do you live a balanced and multi-dimensional existance?


    Are you capable of greater experiences and deeper relationships?


    Have you really explored your potential in every single area of life?  


    So instead of planning yet another vacation where the high of the pina colada wears off as soon as you start unpacking, invest in long term changes in your thinking and behavior as part of your evolving self-development journey. This is what will change your course and create lasting impact your life! 


    Let your eyes open in ways that you never considered before ....  seek new experiences, find renewed vitality, revamp your bucketlist for ALL areas of your life (not just travel!) and find those highs of achievement again .... that increase your daily happiness and give you reasons to be EXCITED for life


    Consider who you are NOW, not who you were in your 20s or 30s, and redesign your years ahead to reflect your personal growth and current values.


    Rediscover the passion to forge forward with renewed spirits and bold dreams for this next half of your life to really step into your calling

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