Ready for life-transforming changes as you transition into your 40s and beyond?


Wondering what could be NEXT and how to keep yourself EXCITED and exuberated in years to come?

You are in the right place. My signature "Keep Calm and 40 On" program is designed to help you recalibrate to find more happiness and fulfillment as you carve out a new vision for these years ahead logo




The Big Forty was born from a quest for adventure, an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a mission to inspire other high achieving professionals to proactively plan for the next phase of their life as they navigate their 40s.  


While all birthdays represent new beginnings and a time of reflection, a milestone birthday highlights a time of transition between one phase of life to the next…


And those years between your 40s and 50s are extra special  because they ALSO statistically mark the halfway point in most of our lives.


Whether you're looking to transition and thrive in your 40s with a growth mindset and bold aspirations...


OR seek a community of like-minded people who think BIG for friendship, support and accountability...


OR determined to set new milestones to reinvigorate and realign your life...


My signature program will open your eyes to design a life that connects with your highest truth ... and I can't wait to show you where this journey can take you!


Aruna Paramasivam

Swinging my way into my forties at Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives.

Hi there! I'm Aruna...

Founder of The Big Forty

Aruna Paramasivam

Easter Island, Polynesia: once the most remote island to access.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved birthdays. The symbolism of the start of a new chapter is a powerful reminder to acknowledge how far we’ve come and to get excited for future opportunities that still lie ahead.


The Big 4-0 milestone was a significant and pivotal birthday for me. It was a turning point that made me want to re-assess everything. It made me question if I was truly living a life that was impactful and had meaning,  or if I was simply marking off checkboxes and going through the motions, day in and day out.


Like so many other professionals, I was feeling burnt out, unfulfilled, and stuck in a rut. I also experienced a series of tragic and abrupt losses, amongst peers in my own age range, that forced me to reflect on my own mortality. I finally reached a breaking point where I knew that I could not waste another minute of my life discussing the merits of lipstick at my then glamorous yet soul-sucking job in the beauty industry. I quit, booked a one-way flight to Asia and never looked back.


I then embarked on the journey of a lifetime, rediscovering myself as I traveled to over 30 countries across three continents, and emerging as an established wellness coach and certified Thanatologist (mastery in the Art of Dying). I promise it’s not as morbid as it sounds.But it is a reminder that at 40, our lives are half over, statistically speaking. Which is why I believe the time to start truly living is NOW!


My message to you simply is that it is never too late to make huge change, find yourself, take a new path, alter your course ...  why settle for a sub-par life when an extraordinary one is within your reach?!


So really think about what a meaningful and authentic life looks like to YOU specifically. Life is short and fragile, so don't let another year  pass you by,  as you continue to simply check off boxes, operate on autopilot or conform to society's expectations instead of your own. TRUST ME, your future self will thank you for it!



I was struggling with keeping a work-life balance and I felt lost. I felt a lot of pressure to 'find myself' and have all the answers really fast. Navigating all that with Aruna helped slow me down in the right way to reflect on positives and enjoy the moment - rather than constantly letting anxiety take a hold of me. Aruna is one of the most grounded people I know and I really enjoy her uplifting energy. She is worldly, cultured and a spark plug of knowledge. Anyone could benefit greatly from engaging with her at a time of self-reflection, whether you have choices to make, feel a little lost or just want someone to add sparkle to your life!

Safeya Khonji

Global Marketing Executive

Great ideas and content. I love the correlation of turning forty and gratitude. Confidence is important for decision making, as is knowing how to prioritize areas in your life. It all felt very real and connected. There was always a point of focus and reference. Superstar Aruna!

Monica Heiz

Entrepreneur/Lifestyle Advisor

Aruna brings a wealth of pragmatic life experience shaped through her years working in high-level positions in the Corporate World and from her amazing travels. She has a true lust for life and adventure and is one of the most inspiring and motivating people I've ever met. Aruna isn‘t someone who talks the talk, she truly walks the walk and remains caring and compassionate whilst encouraging to be the very best version of you.

Charlotte Jago​

Health & Nutrition Coach

I've been a big fan of Aruna's for YEARS. She is insightful, wise, kind, courageous, driven, and I have no doubt that her worldly travels amplify all those qualities in her. Aruna was the one who inspired me to write my first book years ago during one of her traveling adventures. I’m very thankful to her for lighting that spark in me. It’s been one of my life goals since I was a little girl, and I allowed irrational fear to stand in the way for much too long. Whatever your goals are in life, Aruna can help you clarify, implement, and be accountable to yourself for achieving them. 

Laura Lam

Single Mom & Author

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