Chapter 40: I'm SO Ready to Turn the Page

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Feeling stuck in a rut in your 40s? Even though you've achieved some of your goals and are enjoying successes, do you still feel a hollow void creeping in as you get older?  And you're not sure why what you have does not feel ENOUGH...


Thinking that there has to be MORE to life to experience? Wondering what's holding you back? Or just unsure on how or where to start?


 Are you desperately yearning to explore, design and execute a new second phase of life with bigger, bolder and even more audacious aspirations? But you are not sure what is possible or what you are seeking? 

I get it... I've been there myself. I was always booking a plane ticket because happiness felt like it only lived in new faraway destinations. But those highs quickly disappeared as soon as I landed back home. In fact, it took traveling to over 100+ countries to realize everything I ever needed and was seeking lived WITHIN ME  already. I just didn't know how to find and activate those possibilities!


Since this discovery, I have successfully transformed all areas of my own life  using many wellness techniques and scientific approaches .... AND becoming a certified Thanatologist!


I now feel called to help high-achieving professionals in this same stage of life undertake this same  creative proven approach to achieve their most fulfilling and meaningful years ahead as well

A moment of glory: teaching English in a school in Chittagong, Bangladesh

If you are ready to restore and recalibrate to design a life that fills every inch of you with gratitude and fulfillment, but are not sure where or how to start, it's time for you to invest in yourself:


 In this call,  we'll dive deep into where you currently are in life, why you may still feel that hollow void, get clear on what you want to achieve and then pinpoint areas of focus to prioritize. We will frame up a solution-oriented approach with tangible outcomes to help you carve out new milestones for this next phase of life. You'll leave the call with clarity on how to push your limits. 


Let yourself dream. You are worth and deserve every single thing you want!



Chapter 40: I'm SO Ready to Turn the Page

Specifically tailored to your needs, you will be part of a 12 week LIFE CHANGING AND TRANSFORMATIONAL program

to help you identify changes you'd like to make in each area of your life, carve out opportunities,

set new & challenging milestones, develop new habits, routines and beliefs



Included With Your 12 Week Program:


☎️  Six 60-Minute Personalized 1:1 Calls 

👩‍👩‍👧 Six 60-Minute Group Coaching Calls

💻  Bi-Weekly Lesson Modules With Tools & Tactics

📖 Weekly Readings, Exercises & Action Items

💥 100% Accountability & Direct Support


I was struggling with keeping a work-life balance and I felt lost. I felt a lot of pressure to 'find myself' and have all the answers really fast. Navigating all that with Aruna helped slow me down in the right way to reflect on positives and enjoy the moment - rather than constantly letting anxiety take a hold of me. Aruna is one of the most grounded people I know and I really enjoy her uplifting energy. She is worldly, cultured and a spark plug of knowledge. Anyone could benefit greatly from engaging with her at a time of self-reflection, whether you have choices to make, feel a little lost or just want someone to add sparkle to your life!

Safeya Khonji

Global Marketing Executive

Great ideas and content. I love the correlation of turning forty and gratitude. Confidence is important for decision making, as is knowing how to prioritize areas in your life. It all felt very real and connected. There was always a point of focus and reference. Superstar Aruna!

Monica Heiz

Entrepreneur/Lifestyle Advisor

Aruna brings a wealth of pragmatic life experience shaped through her years working in high-level positions in the Corporate World and from her amazing travels. She has a true lust for life and adventure and is one of the most inspiring and motivating people I've ever met. Aruna isn‘t someone who talks the talk, she truly walks the walk and remains caring and compassionate whilst encouraging to be the very best version of you.

Charlotte Jago​

Health & Nutrition Coach

I've been a big fan of Aruna's for YEARS. She is insightful, wise, kind, courageous, driven, and I have no doubt that her worldly travels amplify all those qualities in her. Aruna was the one who inspired me to write my first book years ago during one of her traveling adventures. I’m very thankful to her for lighting that spark in me. It’s been one of my life goals since I was a little girl, and I allowed irrational fear to stand in the way for much too long. Whatever your goals are in life, Aruna can help you clarify, implement, and be accountable to yourself for achieving them. 

Laura Lam

Single Mom & Author

Keep Calm and 40 On is specially designed for high achievers in their 40s who want to realign their life with their purpose, discover what their passions are, and redefine their lives according to their metrics of success (NOT society's). Your new reality begins with letting go of your limiting beliefs and shifting to a growth mindset open to new opportunities and creativity.


The possibilities are infinite...

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